Positive Thinking is Powerful

Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.” – Shiv Khera

Positive thinking can be a very powerful tool in your daily life. Many people believe that being positive will attract more positive things into your life.

The article below gives some ideas about this and other aspects of positive thinking.

Michael Wilkovesky

Essential Guide To The Incredible Power Of Positive Thinking in Life – by Robert N Jones

Many advocates of positive thinking claim that it is the key to living happily and successfully. Others say that through positive thinking, a person can make even his wildest dreams and desires come true. More conservative believers say that positive thinking is an effective tool for stress management and therefore promotes good health. All these may be differing points of view, but they all agree on one thing: positive thinking in life is a good thing.

Positive thinking is the mental attitude that recognizes and plays up the good in everything. Even in unhappy events such as breaking up with a romantic partner or losing a job, the positive thinker sees a silver lining, something to be happy or grateful for, or something worth celebrating. He may view the break-up as finally bringing an end to a unfulfilling relationship, and being free to enjoy once again the perks of a single life. He can look at losing a job as being liberated from a restrictive work environment that stifled his creativity and free spirit. Out of every event or outcome, no matter how sad or unpleasant, one can always find something positive and constructive. It is just a matter of viewing a glass as half-full instead of half-empty, or looking at the bright side even in the face of overwhelming darkness.

Positive thinking in life means being optimistic, and believing that good things will happen no matter what. Positive thinkers often have a healthy self-image, and they view other people as being basically good and well-intentioned, just like them. The funny thing is that, more often than not, good things do happen to them, and other people treat them with the same respect and goodwill they have towards everyone.

An explanation for this may be found in the Law of Attraction, a popular belief that states that one’s habitual thoughts attract the corresponding reality. According to the Law of Attraction, a person who thinks happy, positive thoughts all the time will see good things happening in his life. Conversely, a negative and pessimistic thinker will mostly experience bad things like poor health, difficulties and “bad luck.” What people think about consistently, happens. Thoughts, good or bad, are like magnets that attract events and outcomes equivalent to their nature.

Scientific findings give some credence to this idea. A number of researches have shown that attitudes of either optimism or pessimism do affect a person’s health and well-being. Doctors advise that in order to be healthy and to manage stress well, a person should strive to think positively, be more relaxed, and do things that make him happy. They clarify that positive thinking does not mean being blind to what’s happening and ignoring unpleasant things or events that are in fact a normal part of life. Instead, positive thinking in life means that one should have faith that things will work out well in the end, that bad things will not last forever, and that out of everything, something good will ultimately come out. It means being hopeful, optimistic and grateful, and celebrating the good in life. With this outlook, everyday stress becomes easier to handle, and every situation is managed more constructively.

It is all in the mind, as goes the famous saying. People define and create reality with their thoughts and attitudes. Our reality is a reflection of our thoughts. So to attain all our aspirations, desires or dreams will ultimately depend on developing positive thinking in life.

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