We Have Thought Ourselves Into What We Are

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson

One’s place in life is largely determined by his Mental Attitude

Mental Attitude is the result of the current of one’s thoughts, ideas, ideals, feelings, and beliefs. You are constantly at work building up a Mental Attitude, which is not only making your character but which is also having its influence upon the outside world, both in the direction of your effect upon other people, as well as your quality of attracting toward yourself that which is in harmony with the prevailing mental state held by you. Is it not most important, then, that this building should be done with the best possible materials—according to the best plan—with the best tools?

A positive Mental Attitude Wins Financial Success

Before going any further, let us define the word “Positive” and its opposite, “Negative,” and then see how the former wins success and the latter attracts failure. In the sense in which I use the terms, “Positive” means Confident Expectation, Self-Confidence, Courage, Initiative, Energy, Optimism, Expectation of Good, not Evil— of Wealth, not Poverty—Belief in Oneself and in the LAW, etc., etc.; “Negative” means Fear, Worry, Expectation of Undesirable Things, Lack of Confidence in Oneself and the LAW, etc., etc.

In the first place Mental Attitude tends towards success by its power in the direction of “making us over” into individuals possessing qualities conducive to success. Many people go through the world bemoaning their lack of the faculties, qualities or temperament that they instinctively recognize an active factors in the attainment of success. They see others possessing these desirable qualities moving steadily forward to their goal, and they also feel if they themselves were but possessed of these same qualities they, too, might attain the same desirable results. Now, so far, their reasoning is all right—but they do not go far enough. They fail here because they imagine that since they have not the desired qualities at the moment, they can never expect to possess them. They regard their minds as something that once fixed and built can never be improved upon, repaired, rebuilt, or enlarged. Right here is where the majority of people “fall down.”

Mental attitude and financial success

Sweep out from the chambers of your mind all these miserable negative thoughts like “I can’t,” “That’s just my luck,” “I knew I’d do it,” “Poor me,” etc., and then fill up the mind with the positive, invigorating, helpful, forceful, compelling ideals of Success, Confidence, and expectation of that which you desire; and just as the steel filings fly to the attraction of the magnet, so will that which you need fly to you in response to this great natural principle of mental action—the Law of Attraction. Begin this very moment and build up a new ideal—that of Financial Success—see it mentally— expect it—demand it! This is the way to create it in your Mental Attitude.

Michael Wilkovesky

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