We Are What We Are As A Result Of Past Thinking

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” – Buddha

Mental Attitude

Our mental attitude is built up by the thoughts we habitually harbor or cultivate. Thus if we entertain positive thoughts only, and deny negative thoughts, replacing them by their opposites whenever they intrude, we gradually build up a positive attitude of mind, which means that we become positive men or women, and as such cannot fail to be successful in life. Therefore it all comes back to the old question of thought control. “For one to govern his thinking, then, is to determine his life.”

Positive Thoughts

Thoughts are positive if they dwell upon the following: Success, achievement, accomplishment, overcoming, conquering, mastering, prosperity, power, courage, calmness, dignity, perseverance, purposefulness, patience, wisdom, faithfulness, confidence, faith, hope, cheerfulness, love, joy, peace, health and happiness.

Negative Thoughts

Thoughts are negative if they dwell upon the following: Failure, difficulty, bad luck, hard lines, I can’t, fear, dread, grief, worry, care, anxiety, loss, fate unfaithfulness, grievances, criticizing others, imputing bad motives to others, hate, envy, covetousness, brooding, lust, impurity immorality, selfishness, sensuality, misery, unhappiness, disease, ill-health and death.

The former build up character of mind and health of body; they create serenity and peace. The latter break down the nervous system, produce ill health and disease, rob the life of nearly all its joys and destroy all hopes of success.

Successful People’s Thoughts

The only difference between a successful type of man and an unsuccessful type, provided they are of equal energy, is one of mind—of thought. The successful man’s attitude of mind is such that he generates the right kind of thought, which passing to his subconscious mind, is transmuted into the right type of action. The unsuccessful man, on the other hand, through his mind being of a negative type, generates the wrong kind of thought and this in turn results in the wrong type of action. This is why it is impossible to keep the “success” type of man down for any length of time.

You can bankrupt him, bereave him, maim him, cast him into the gutter and jump on him, and he will come to the top again. It is impossible to keep such a man down for long, simply because his mind will not allow it.

Unsuccessful People’s Thoughts

This also is why it is impossible to help a man of a negative type. The more one helps such a man the weaker and more hopeless he becomes, and the more helplessly he clings round one’s neck for sustenance and support.

Place him in affluent circumstances, find him work, prospects, influence, friends, place in his hands everything possible with which to aid him, and he will let it all slip through his fingers and come right down to want and penury. Therefore, success in life is the result of “success” actions, which are the result of “success” thoughts, which are the result of a “success” attitude of mind.

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

As the attitude of the mind alters from negative to positive there is developed personal magnetism; one radiates an influence which attracts people. Thus does success and prosperity crowd in upon the man or woman who cultivates the right type of mind.

Do not, however, strain after success; rather realize that you yourself are “Success” and that you therefore attract to you all that you desire. Go about your duties calmly and with confidence, knowing that you are “success” and therefore must succeed.

Michael Wilkovesky

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