Man’s six basic fears

The six fears of man – do you know them?

Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lay aside any prejudices and fixed opinions you may have formed, at least temporarily, and you may know the truth about your Six Worst Enemies, starting with:

The fear of poverty

It requires courage to tell the truth about the history of this enemy of mankind, and still greater courage to hear the truth after it has been told. The Fear of Poverty grows out of man’s habit of preying upon his fellow men, economically. The animals which have instinct, but no power to think, prey upon one another physically. Man, with his superior sense of intuition, and his more powerful weapon of thought, does not eat his fellow man bodily; he gets more pleasure from eating him financially. So great an offender is man, in this respect, that nearly every state and nation has been obliged to pass laws, scores of laws, to protect the weak from the strong. Every blue- sky law is indisputable evidence of man’s nature to prey upon his weaker brother economically.

The second of the Six Basic Fears with which man is bound down is:

The fear of old age

This Fear grows out of two major causes. First, the thought that Old Age may bring with it poverty. Secondly, from false and cruel sectarian teachings which have been so well mixed with fire and brimstone that every human being learned to Fear Old Age because it meant the approach of another and, perhaps, a more horrible world than this.

The third of the Six Basic Fears is:

The fear of ill health

This fear is born of both physical and social heredity. From birth until death there is eternal warfare within every physical body; warfare between groups of cells, one group being known as the friendly builders of the body, and the other as the destroyers, or “disease germs.” The seed of Fear is born in the physical body, to begin with, as the result of Nature’s cruel plan of permitting the stronger forms of cell life to prey upon the weaker. Social heredity has played its part through lack of cleanliness and knowledge of sanitation. Also, through the law of suggestion cleverly manipulated by those who profited by ill health.

The fourth of the Six Basic Fears is:

The fear of loss of love of someone

This fear fills the divorce courts and causes murders and other forms of cruel punishment. It is a holdover, handed down through social heredity, from the stone age when man preyed upon his fellow man by stealing his mate by physical force. The method, but not the practice, has now changed to some extent. Instead of physical force man now steals his fellow man’s mate with pretty colorful ribbons and fast motor cars and strong drink, and sparkling rocks and stately mansions. Man is improving. He now “entices” where once he “drove.”

The fifth of the Six Basic Fears is:

The fear of criticism

Just how and where man got this fear is difficult to determine, but it is certain that he has it. The makers of clothing have not been slow to capitalize this Basic Fear of mankind. Every season the styles change, because the clothes makers know that few people have the courage to wear a garment that is one season out of step with what “They are all wearing.” If you doubt this walk down the street or go into an office wearing last year’s fashion. Observe how uncomfortable you are, thanks to your unseen enemy, the fear of criticism.

The sixth, and last of the Six Basic Fears is the most dreaded of them all. It is called:

The fear of death

For tens of thousands of years man has been asking the still unanswered questions – “whence?” and “whither?” The more crafty of the race have not been slow to offer the answer to this eternal question, “Where did I come from and where am I going after Death?” “Come into my tent,” says one leader, “and you may go to Heaven after Death.” Heaven was then pictured as a wonderful city whose streets were lined with gold and studded with precious stones. “Remain out of my tent and you may go straight to hell.” Hell was then pictured as a blazing furnace where the poor victim might have the misery of burning forever in brimstone. No wonder mankind fears death.

What fear is your greatest enemy?

Determine, if you can, which of the Six Basic Fears is doing you the greatest damage. An enemy discovered is an enemy half whipped. Man is slowly discovering these Six Enemies. The most effective tool with which to fight them is organized knowledge. Ignorance and Fear are twin sisters. They are generally found together.

But for ignorance and superstition the Six Basic Fears would disappear from man’s nature in one generation.

Michael Wilkovesky

4 thoughts on “Man’s six basic fears

  1. Hiya, I was reading another thing about this on another blog. Interesting. Your perspective on it’s diametrically contradicted from what I read earlier. I’m even now pondering in the opposite elements of view, but I’m leaning to a very good extent toward yours. And irrespective, that is what’s so perfect about current democracy and also the market of ideas online.

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