How to fail in life and business

13 Major causes of failure for a start-up businessman and in life

Success requires no explanations; failure permits no alibis.” – Napoleon Hill

There are many articles written on how to succeed and how to become successful and live a good life. We all know the basic thoughts posted in these articles. We all try to follow the ideas presented by the authors and live our lives as we want them to be.

But we never read about failure. Failure is more common than success. In fact in studies done in the past, it is believed that at least 98% of all people could be labelled as failures. What makes a failure?

Failure’s characteristics

Here are 13 ways to become part of the 98% of the population.

  1. Lack of a well-defined purpose in life. There is no hope of success for the person who does not have a central purpose or definite goal to aim for.
  2. Lack of ambition to aim above mediocrity. There is no hope for the person who is indifferent to getting ahead in life and who is not wiling to pay the price.
  3. Lack of self-discipline. Discipline comes through self control. Before you can control conditions you must control yourself.
  4. Procrastination. This is one of the most common causes of failure. Many people are failures because they are waiting for the “time to be right” to start doing something worthwhile. Do not wait! The time will never be “just right” start where you are and work with the tools you have, better tools will be found as you move forward.
  5. Lack of persistence. Many people are good “starters” but poor “finishers” of everything that they begin. Many people are willing to give up at the first sign of defeat. Failure cannot cope with persistence.
  6. An uncontrolled desire for “something for nothing”. The instinct to gamble drives millions of people to failure.
  7. Lack of a well-defined power of decision. It has been said that men who succeed reach decisions promptly and change them, if at all, very slowly. Men who fail reach decisions, if at all, very slowly and change them frequently and quickly.
  8. Over-caution. If you take no chances you generally have to take whatever is left when others are through choosing.
  9. Lack of concentration of effort. The jack of all trades is seldom good at any. Concentrate your efforts on one definite chief aim.
  10. Lack of enthusiasm. Without enthusiasm a person cannot be convincing. Enthusiasm is contagious, the person who has it under control is generally welcome by many people.
  11. Egotism and vanity. Displaying these traits warns others to keep away. They are fatal to success.
  12. Guessing instead of thinking. Many people are too lazy to gather the facts that they need to think accurately. They act on opinions created by guesswork or snap-judgments.
  13. Lack of capital. This is the common cause of failure for many businessmen who start out for the first time.

You do have a choice

By mastering all of these characteristics you can be a very good failure in life and business. You too can become part of the 98% of the population that just exists.

Obviously, by eliminating these characteristics, you can start to become part of the 2% of the population that we all aim to enter.

Michael Wilkovesky

One thought on “How to fail in life and business

  1. #13 Lack of capital. Internet marketing requires only a site, host, and a few tools- that’s it. Everything else is free. You are right that self-discipline is the key quality. “It’s not how far you fall, it’s how high you bounce that counts.” – Brian Tracy

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