Some skills and abilities for life

Life skills and abilities

Life can wear you down if you let it. You become worn out and end up being discarded and forgotten. Life can also be a polishing agent that keeps you fresh and vibrant. You decide what will happen depending on how you react to some stressors that can come your way.

Big picture

If you cannot see that what you are doing now is part of your long-range goals then you will wear out. Being able to envision the results of those things that are now happening means that you can see the big picture. Your vision has become far reaching and focused.


If you worry too much, then your life begins to wear down as well. Worry takes away your strength to continue. The remedy for worry is confidence.

Worry creates the visions of what you do not desire, confidence creates those visions of what you want to happen.

Always seeking security

Many people only want to do safe things in life. They never try anything difficult because they are afraid to fail. Many failures in life can be predicted by careful analysis of a situation and planning can be done to minimize the effect of a failure.

The willingness to make mistakes is one of the prices we have to be willing to accept if we want to advance in life.

Choosing your company

We have many choices of the company that we keep, more than we think. If you have to work with negative or critical people, you just have to be determined that their negativity or criticism will not drag you down to their level.

You an be worn down or polished up, the choice is yours.

Michael Wilkovesky

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