Life questions and life goals

Life questions and life goals

If you have answered the life questions honestly and thoroughly, then you should be able to set your life goals.

Many goals concern making more money. But many have found that making money is difficult if the proper foundation has not been set. By carefully considering the life questions, you can lay down the proper foundation for setting your goals.

Here are some suggested methods to help you answer the questions:

  • You must force yourself to write down both the questions and your answers. This forces you to be very clear in your answer. If your answer is not clear then your thinking is not clear.
  • Do your thinking in a quiet spot if possible. This will allow your mind to concentrate on the question and your answer.
  • Take time to consider your answer, think it through. Do not rush answering the question because you may reach a conclusion that is not to your benefit.
  • You should avoid discussing the question and answers with friends and relatives. It is not that they will not help you, but the more you discuss this with them, the more your answer becomes theirs not yours.
  • Remember to review your answers regularly. Circumstances in life change and what may be an acceptable answer now, for instance the price is too high, may become acceptable later in your career and life.

You need a meaning in life and the answers to the life questions can help to give your life that meaning. Making money is an end to the means. By having a well defined meaning to life and setting proper life goals, you may find that making money becomes easy.

A meaningful life means that you are living in the present and success can be achieved. The more certain you are about your purpose in life the more focused you will be and the more enthusiastic you will become about life in general.

This focus and enthusiasm will attract the people into your life that can assist you in achieving your life goals and remain enthusiastic, which will attract more people onto your life. This circle will help you to achieve all of your life goals and more.

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