Life Questions – Part 4

Life Questions – Part 4

At this point, we have decided what we enjoy, what we are good at and what we want out of life. Now we will look at the next life question that needs to be answered.

What is the price?

Everything we do in life has a price. We all want to do many things but we have a limited amount of time to do those desirable things. So, what we want out of life isn’t the only issue; the price we must pay must also be brought into our decisions.

This is not a negative thing, because if everything were easy – if there was no price tag – it would be hard to appreciate anything.

When you are considering what you want out of life, the price of that desire should be seriously considered. The price can be things such as time, energy, pain or sacrifice. Sacrifice is inescapable as there is always an offsetting negative for every positive. Your most burning desire in life may conflict with many of the other things you want in life, sacrificing those other things may be part of the price of your satisfying that desire. You may have to sacrifice recreation, relaxation or time with your family.

When you are successful, human nature says that you may have to endure the jealousy and resentment of others as part of the price of success. Some people have trouble dealing with this type of discomfort, so this too must be factored into this life question – What is the price?

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