Life questions – part 3

Life questions – part 3

So far we have given you two life questions to consider (here and here) before developing your goals. Now we continue with the third question that you need to answer.

What do I really want out of life?

This question does not refer to specific goals. Goal setting is important in moving forward but also for checking your progress. However, you should not set your goals until you have answered all 5 life questions.

You cannot move from one area to another with no plans. You must be specific on where you want to end up in life. How can you attract those people and things that will move you forward unless you know where you want to go.

This is a general concept of what you want out of life, an overall objective that becomes your foundation for the ongoing process of setting goals.

The answer to the first life question is very important. The person who claims to want something but doesn’t know the reason why he wants it is probably heading in the wrong direction. It is very important to know why you want something because it is the why that will keep you going when you encounter adversity.

You must stay focused on your main purpose. If you dilute your focus you may waste valuable energy in trying to achieve something that is not your main purpose.

The best guide to proper focus is to think about what would bring you happiness in your daily life. What do you really enjoy, that your are good at, that would make life worth living.

Answering this life question will move you closer towards your enjoyable successful happy life.

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