Life questions – Part 2

Life questions – Part 2

In the first part of this series, we asked you what you enjoy, now we will continue with the five life questions that you need to answer to ensure that what you are doing is correct for you and will lead to your happiness.

What am I good at?

This life question leads naturally from question 1. In many cases, what you are good at is the same as what you like to do or enjoy.

Many studies have pointed out that most people only use a small percentage of their potential. One of the reasons could be that many people do not use their best talents. You need to understand both your abilities and liabilities in order to make the best use of your talents. You need to understand that it is what you do with what you have that is important.

You have to maximize your talents and efficiently use those natural resources that you have. You need to complete an objective analysis of your skills. You cannot be modest nor egotistical about this analysis. Are you:

  • creative
  • athletic
  • artistic

Do you:

  • like people
  • like working with numbers
  • like to be organized

The list of questions is very long, but you should make it as long as possible in order to obtain the best results for you.

Many people feel trapped in their careers because they do not give enough thought to their talents and skills. They are only exploiting a small percentage of their ability in their present career. This life question is difficult to answer so take your time and be honest. You may find that the thing you are good at is the career choice that will lead to both financial and personal success.

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