Life questions you should answer – Part 1

Life questions you should answer – Part 1

You are searching for a meaning in you life and work and you want to become successful. There are some life questions that you need to answer to ensure that you are moving towards a meaningful life.

By answering these questions truthfully, you will understand yourself better and will ultimately, be happier in your work and life. Before setting your goals, you should answer five simple yet thought provoking questions.

Life question number 1.

What do I enjoy doing?

Most people are unhappy in their work. They may have entered their present occupation because of family or peer pressure or they were not really sure of what they wanted to do and took the first job they were offered. They may be in a job now that they don’t like but they do not want to quit because they fear change. They may also say that if they just work harder, then they would make more money and then they would like their job better. These people are only fooling themselves. You have to enjoy your work, the financial rewards cannot be the primary goal.

Many successful people avoid getting into a “comfort-zone”, that is the area where people do not want to change even if a change would be beneficial to their lifestyle and living standard. Many unsuccessful or unhappy people enter this zone after experiencing minor success. Really successful people enjoy their work and are continuing to learn so they do not get into this zone and are willing to expand their area of work.

By answering this life question, you find out what your best game is. For it isn’t actually reaching the end of the game that is important but playing the game everyday with all of your strength and passion that makes life interesting.

So you need to find out what the right game is for you, what life game is worth playing.

To find out the right game or work area for you, you now need to answer life question number 2.

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